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Moisture & Humidity Test

Moisture & Humidity Test

Moisture & Humidity Control and Testing in Baltimore & Annapolis MD and Surrounding Areas

When your basement becomes wet, dust mites, bugs and critters are allowed to thrive. At relative humidity levels above 60%, mold starts to occur.

Dust mite droppings and mold spores contaminate the air in your home, causing it to become highly allergenic. As such, making sure your basement is water-free is a matter of respiratory health.

Mold Growth in Your Basement or Crawl Space Is a Direct Result of Moisture and High Humidity

Mold cannot grow in dry spaces. Having a quality dehumidifier running, such as the WiseAire, will drop relative humidity levels to below 50%, in which mold can’t spread.

Breathe fresh air every day and keep fungal spores away from your home and lungs, by having your basement treated by the Sump Pump Geeks.

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The Sump Pump Geeks is a nationwide network of contractors. We specialize in basement protection and encapsulation. Our headquarters, in Westport, MA, is where we train our technicians to best serve you.

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